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Meet your most tender self

Summon your deepest courage

Change your bones

True life begins here

Deeper connections inward and outward emerge when you hand the helm over to your True Self. Her way of navigating brings enriching experiences far more than the autopilot of early life.

Cultivating heart, consciousness and a deep respect for all life are the foundations of the ancient teachings of Ren Xue. These teachings, fuelled by gathering Qi (life-force) in the soft flowing Yuan Gong Qigong mind-body-Qi movements, support deep level questioning, developing wisdom and improving health on all levels.

Rigidity and pre-formed constructs give way to creativity and flow.

Old patterns that no longer serve topple like dominoes and are replaced with new life-enriching ways of being.

Health shifts to physical, emotional, mental and social vibrancy.

Relationships move to deeper trust and mutual empowerment.

Parenting shifts to healing ourselves and allowing respectful space for our children to form themselves in the best possible way.

Our inward gaze, our change and movement of Qi, and our inner voice become our direction finders.

My hope is that each one of us follows our inner path with strength, clarity and grace.  That we feel the waves, learn to interpret them with wisdom and love, and act with integrity and authenticity in ways which sail us all into a more harmonious existence.

My hope is that we all cultivate a deep meaningful connection with our True Self, each other and this beautiful earth that holds us all.

Together we create the collective future that holds the brightest of possibilities.

Thoughts from the global Ren Xue Family:

“Working on what are the priorities for yourself and your family in this busy life is more clear when one understands ones life better.”

“My dinner time grumpiness disappeared. If I do get grumpy or irritable, it’s quick to get back to being calm (even with teenagers)”

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