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What is Yuan Gong Qigong?

Qigong is a self-training method that uses consciousness, body postures, movements, and breathing to directly bring change to Qi for the purpose of making continuous improvement to the body and consciousness.

Yuan Gong is a modern form of Qigong designed to be safe, easy to learn and very effective bringing positive change to Qi. Unlike other forms of Qigong, this is not just for our body and mind, but also for our whole life.

Yuan Gong’s beginning flowing and graceful movements are meant to be joyful and free like a flying bird.

It is adaptable in that a person can do the whole set of movements and mind activity or a portion on the days when time seems short.

It can also safely be modified to suit various physical conditions.

But yes, like many things that are good for us, a person does actually need to do the practice fairly consistently to reap full benefit.

How Does Yuan Gong QiGong work on our whole life?

The nine Yuan Gong methods work systematically.

They begin working on more external Qi then move more deeply within and into the organs. They work on building Qi levels, improving Qi flow and clearing Qi blockages. This is good news for our health.

Cultivating the heart qualities of Trust, Openness, Love, Gratitude and Gongjing (true respect) are the intermediate stages.

The advanced stages move into Still Qigong and work deeply on our consciousness.

This may seem like a long process, but unlike ancient times, we do not need to spend decades on one level. This is designed for the modern world after all.

This is a simplified description. In reality, all the methods are designed to work on Qi and to help the practitioner develop a unified and calm state. This is our natural healing state and it helps us experience calmness, naturalness, joy, openness, compassion and relaxation.

A brief glimpse of Yuan Gong