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What is Ren Xue?

REN XUE is a holistic system of teachings, practices and theories for cultivating and improving life.

Ren Xue (pronounced ren shueh), literally means the study of human life.

Its foundation draws upon contemporary philosophy and science as well as ancient wisdom cultures such as Daoism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Using Ren Xue and its tools helps practitioners look into their own life with the goals of improving health, happiness and overall wellbeing. Improved internal harmony becomes the basis for improved relations with others and with nature.

In this way, we are empowered to bring deep, meaningful change to ourselves and to society as a whole.

Ren Xue helps us work with our thoughts and emotions in increasingly healthy ways. It provides a framework to dig into the depths of our problems, get to their roots and from this place more clearly see how to affect beneficial and lasting change; change that helps align us with the laws of our life (Dao); change that helps us live more harmoniously, simply and joyfully.

Creating change takes energy.

One of Ren Xue’s tools is Yuan Gong Qigong. This practice helps us gather Qi (life-force) and develop a strong and healthy foundation for life.

Sometimes we need help.

Yuan Ming Medicine is a tool that aids examining unhealthy behavioural, emotional and psychological patterns. Facilitated by a qualified professional, Yuan Ming Medicine works on Qi and the consciousness and guides the recipient to the root causes of being unwell. From this foundation of deeper understanding and awareness, a path to a higher quality of life and wellness can be formed.

Always, we need the qualities of our heart.

Tapping into our heart is a core Ren Xue practice. Living from a foundation of Trust, Openness, Love, Gratitude and Gongjing (true respect) can bring positive shifts in relationship with both ourselves and each other as well our ethics and world view.

Creating Change Takes Support

Whether from a class, a teacher, or like-minded peers, Ren Xue offers support systems as we walk the path of change together. Books, videos, on-line discussions and in-person gatherings around the world help bring us together, share our learning and inspire the development of realisation and wisdom.

What could our world and lives look like if we challenged apparent truth in a practical way?

How would life look if we realised Ren Xue’s mission statement?

Zi Du Du Ren

Help Yourself, Help Others