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What is Qi?

In Ren Xue, Qi is our foundational building block.

It has mass, energy and information. Similar words in other traditions are “life force” and “prana”.

We need high levels of healthy, smooth flowing Qi to function well. This gives us a solid foundation for building a healthy body, stable emotional and mental state and joyful life. We FEEL good.

Let’s look at the cup analogy for our bodies.

Most of us are born filled to the brim with healthy Qi. Yet, growing up most of us are not taught a Qi-nourishing approach to life.

If we use more Qi than we take in, our cup starts to decrease in volume. Over time we begin to feel tired and depleted. Our emotions become less stable and our mental capacity begins to fade. Physical health declines.

Ren Xue Cup Analogy

How does this happen?

Maybe, in our fast paced, externally oriented culture no one taught us how to manage our Qi. Maybe, we didn’t even learn of Qi’s existence and now we need to fill up again and repair some damage we have caused ourselves.

Understanding how our thoughts, emotions and behaviours affect us and our Qi is critical. We enhance our Qi condition with positive thoughts, emotions and behaviours that follow the laws of life .  We deplete Qi with negative thoughts, emotions and behaviours that do not follow the laws of life.

The good news is that we can cultivate being our True Selves – healthy, vibrant and joyful – by integrating Ren Xue practices and supporting our Qi foundation with Yuan Gong.

That’s a very simplified model of what we do in Ren Xue, and it’s a good start.