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Wellbeing Begins With You

by Yuan Tze

This book represents the essential teachings of Ren Xue. It offers a fresh insight into life and its problems. It provides practical tools for dealing with problems and restoring a sense of wellbeing. With Ren Xue, you will find that your effort to improve your life can be both joyous and fruitful.

Yuan Tze is the founder of Ren Xue, Yuan Gong and Yuan Ming Medicine.

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Teething in Paradise

by Stephanie Ross

Set sail with Stephanie and her young family as they embark on a 3.5 year sailing adventure in the South Pacific. Travel with them to remote villages, new cultures and underwater sea life as they learn to connect more deeply with each other and nature.

Join the author while she learns that the most beautiful adventure is going inward on a deep and pivotal healing journey. She shares these gifts of change with love and humour.

Be inspired to nourish your own True Self and envision a new paradigm for a brighter collective future.

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When I’m in that very good state, it feels like soft waves. I’m floating on soft waves and the air is clear.
The gentle rocking is the rhythm of my heart moving in sync with the ocean of life.

Beauty and Fear

It’s August in British Columbia. This means forest fires. It’s 2018. This means a province wide state of emergency. Again. But unlike previous years when the flames stayed on the mainland, this year they have licked Vancouver Island too. Getting much closer to the valley I call home. The weather reports consistently state visibility readings as 2 miles in smoke. It’s quiet [...]

Tuning into Healing

Our Consciousness is our strongest ally in healing.  It can alter our health, mood and world-view. This week Yuan Tze will be offering evening healings at the Ren Xue retreat in Alberta.  You can use this opportunity to give your healing a boost.  "Tuning in" during the healing times can bring about strong positive results even if you are at home. "Tune [...]

World-renowned master healer, teacher and author, discusses Ren Xue

Yuan Tze Comes to the Valley World-renowned master healer, teacher and author, discusses Ren Xue The Comox Valley will host world-renowned master healer, teacher and author, Yuan Tze. In his characteristic style of gentle love and humour, he will share his wisdom-guided approach to life on April 24 from 7-9 p.m. at Creekside Commons Cohousing Community. Yuan Tze began studying ancient Chinese [...]