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Private Sessions with Stephanie

Portrait of Stephie Ross - Head shot

Private sessions can take many different forms.  We can work on Yuan Gong technique improvement or learning the intermediate and advanced practices for developing heart and expanding consciousness.

We can also move more deeply into work with Patterns of the Consciousness and Qi healing.

Stephanie is a fully credentialed Yuan Ming Medicine facilitator.  This empowering process works on Qi and Consciousness to effect change to the root causes that underlie illness or psychological distress. It is a tool to help those seeking to address unhealthy behavioural, emotional, personality and mental habits, or simply to strengthen their overall health.

As with all of REN XUE, the concrete, personal benefits of Yuan Ming Medicine are accompanied by more global gains. The application of Yuan Ming Medicine can help establish an ethical and moral value system and a healthy worldview. Socially, it can be used to help improve one’s relationships with family, society and nature so these relationships can become harmonious. It is a tool that can help us achieve a healthy and happy life and develop wisdom.

Yuan Gong and Yuan Ming Medicine work together in a powerful way to produce steady and effective change that uplifts all of life.

The first three sessions in 2018 will include 90 minutes for the regular hourly investment of $70.

Please contact me to discuss how we can best meet your needs or to book in-person or on-line private sessions.

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