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What Are Patterns of The Consciousness?

Our consciousness holds everything we have ever learned, experienced, thought and felt.  It is the soul of our existence and connection to deeper truth and wisdom.  It is in constant activity even when we are aware only of a tiny tip of it’s work.

Patterns of Consciousness

Our consciousness is influenced by our culture, our family of origin and all the information unique to each ones life.  We feed it everyday with our thoughts, emotions and behaviours.  How we collect, receive, process, store and transmit this information is also unique to each one of us.  How we work with this information eventually becomes fixed and this becomes an internal pattern.

That’s a handful of words!

Let’s look at a simple pattern and break it down.

Babies are busy learning about their bodies.  They repeat movements over and over until they have it mastered.  As they repeat these movements, a pathway is formed in their brains and these movements take less effort.  They no longer need to concentrate and think really hard every time they bring food to their mouths.  It becomes automated and they can eventually think about other things while they eat.  Eating is now on autopilot.

In the same way, our emotions and thought patterns also become habituated or left on autopilot.

But what if these patterns aren’t healthy?  What if they leave us anxious, depleted or suffering in our own selfishness?

A beautiful aspect of humanity is that our consciousness has autonomy and initiative.  This means we can make change.  We can learn to turn off the autopilot and take control of the helm until we have established a healthier course, or a healthier pattern.

Being human also means we can tap into our deeper wisdom, our True Self.  We can change our automatic thoughts, emotions and behaviours. We can even change our viewpoint on what “healthy” means.

We can cultivate our patterns to be healthier, support deeper connections and be more uplifting to all of life.

We can learn to access the deep wisdom and power of our True Self and we can expedite and facilitate the process with a healthy Qi condition and applying Ren Xue practices.

Are you willing to take the helm and set a new course towards deeper happiness and wellbeing?