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Sailing Inward

SV Casteele in FijiSailing inward is a lifelong process. Not everyone needs to sell their possessions, buy a boat across the planet and take two young children to tropical seas in order to learn about themselves. It’s the choice I made.

After 3.5 years we made the heartbreaking decision to give up our floating home. Returning to Canada was like being smashed onto the jagged edges of a culture we no longer knew. Shipwrecked in a society where the locals didn’t understand the language we spoke.

On our sailboat, I had learned to speak in a language of values. Our lives depended on relations based on trust and mutual empowerment. I had strengthened my intuition and squeezed out of the rigid constructs of my airline pilot and government careers.

Re-entering mainstream society tested all the ways we had recreated our lives on board

Ren Xue; its teachings, Qifield and community supported my questioning about life and helped our family maintain the healthy simplicity of life afloat while transitioning to this materialistic city.

When I watched pedestrians step over the homeless, I gathered my children to bring lunch to them instead. We chose to greet all people with the warmth and love we had received from South Pacific villagers who had shared so much though they had so few possessions.

When I watched my children become stressed in school, either imploding or exploding, we retreated to nature, play and family time.

Their gifted minds, sensitive hearts and obstinate refusals let me know clearly that I needed to continue making space for a different way of doing things. Being a fierce advocate for them trained me well to be a fierce advocate for myself.

Seeing what my children needed, showed me clearly what had been missing in my own childhood. I dove in deep to cultivate my own places of internal safety from such an unanchored beginning. I began to rewire my existence.

Daily, I filled my reserves of Qi (life-force energy) with the beautiful flow of Yuan Gong Qigong that helped me soften into life and release more deeply.

As I looked inward, I discovered my own laws of life, and followed my True Self’s direction. A deeply hidden stream of childhood-based anxiety surfaced and then flowed away. The drain on my energy levels dispersed. My physical and emotional health improved; I felt lighter and less reactive.

My True Self spoke more clearly. My singing voice emerged. My writing voice took me places inside that far surpassed the beauty I had lived in my South Pacific paradise.

It became safe to open my heart to Trust, Openness, Love, Gratitude and True Respect, even in a cold rented house surrounded by scowling neighbours. Ren Xue had become my way of life.

When I first sailed into these ancient teachings revamped for the modern world, I knew that somehow this was the reason I had set sail in the first place. Becoming a certified teacher and returning yearly to New Zealand for additional training and healing was an integral part of who I was becoming. I could not have known then how profound my healing would be; that it would begin to change my bones. With persistent effort, courage and support, it did.

I am dedicated to developing Ren Xue as a supportive, healing , local and global community.

I love to spend time singing, dancing, reading, writing, in community and in nature.

I live in Courtenay, BC, Canada with my husband, 2 bright-eyed and home-educated children and our magical cat.

Certified Ren Xue Teacher Level 5* Bachelor of Science, Professional Aeronautics, Aviation Safety
Certified Yuan Gong Teacher Level 5* Diploma in Aviation and Flight Technology
Certified Yuan Ming Medicine Facilitator* Level 5 A plethora of communications, teaching, corporate systems, and self-development courses.
Zhineng Qigong Teacher Level 2 PSYCH-K and Shadow Energetics
*highest level currently available